Honey & Sunflower Seed Bread

Side Oven Bakery bread loaf


300g  White Flour
200g  Wholemeal Flour
50g  Sunflower Seeds  + small amount for moulding
15g  Honey
5g  Salt
15g  Fresh Yeast
300ml Tepid Water


Dissolve the yeast in the water and add to all the ingredients – adjust water if necessary to get a soft manageable dough.  Mix and knead until soft and pliable – about 8 minutes depending on how energetic you are or use a mixer with a dough hook for about 6 minutes. Cover with a plastic bag and rest in a warm place.  Once doubled in size knock out the air, knead briefly and mould. Finally, roll the loaf in sunflower seeds before placing in an oiled tin.  Cover with a plastic bag.  The dough will rise and is ready for the oven when springy to touch. The honey in this recipe does speed up proving compared to a standard loaf. Bake in hot oven 220 C / 420 F for approx 30 minutes.


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