Luxury Festive Apple Pie

This Festive Apple Pie is such a treat – perfect for the Festive period to enjoy as a dessert (hot with a drizzle of double cream) or served cold with a good slice of cheese (A Yorkshire treat!).


For the Pastry – to make this extra special we use Croissant Dough which is lovely buttery dough. For a Croissant Dough Recipe please click here

For the Filling:
4 x large Cooking Apples or Dual Purpose Apples
1/2 tspn Ground Cinnamon
100g Sultanas
2 x tbspn Demerara Sugar


Heat the oven to 180’c Fan. Roll your dough out and line your pie dish – (20 – 22cm).
Cut, peel and core your apples and slice them finely. Add to your sultana, cinnamon and sugar mix and pile into your dough lined pie dish.
Roll out your dough for the pie lid. Brush a little water around the rim and lay your dough lid over the top pressing the edges to form a seal. Trim the edges with a sharp knife.
Brush with egg wash and sprinkle with a little sugar.

Bake for 40 mins until golden brown.

Enjoy straight from the oven with cream or equally good cold.

This recipe has been adapted from an original recipe from BBC Good Food.

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