At Side Oven Bakery All the products are made on the organic family farm in the heart of East Yorkshire.

All the products are made on the organic family farm in the heart of East Yorkshire. Our homegrown wheat is stoneground into flour and incorporated into many of the products which are baked in the farm bakery, as are our honey toasted mueslis and granolas. Our organic apples, elderflowers and blackcurrants are grown and processed on the farm – many grown in a field only a short walk from the bakery.
Each batch is handmade and wood from the farm is used to fire an oven in the bakery - the ebbing heat is ideal for gently toasting our Muesli & Granola. The process is lengthy but the depth and combination of flavours speak for themselves.

We make three tempting flavours of Organic Honey Toasted Granola:
With Cashew & Almonds - Winner of Great Taste Award 2015!
With Seeds & Cereals
With Dark Chocolate

We make four delicious flavours of our Organic Honey Toasted Muesli:
With Raisin
With Raisins & Hazelnuts
With Raisins, Hazelnut & Cranberries
With Cashew & Cramberry (Wheatfree recipe)

All are delicious with milk, yoghurt or as a tasty snack when energy levels are flagging.

Natural goodness, Pesticide free, High in fibre, Provenance

Our Farm Orchard
Our organic apple juice is made from apples grown here in our farm orchards . The total journey from branch to bottle is a short walk from the orchard to juicery and takes just 24 hours ensuring a delicious crisp fresh tasting juice!

Once picked the apples are pulped and pressed, then after being allowed to settle for about 12 hours the juice is bottle and pasteurised. The combination of some wonderful blends of old varieties eg. Green Balsam, Beauty of Bath and Ellison Orange, Peasgood Nonesuch, and freshness all contributes to a juice to remember.

Organic Fruit Cordials
We are very proud of our range of Organic Cordials – freshly made with care and time using fresh ingredients where possible grown on the farm – we never add concentrates or flavourings.

Organic Elderflower Cordial
Elderflowers are handpicked on the farm and infused with Carr House Spring Water and lemons to make this deliciously refreshing fragrant drink. Perfect with water, Prosecco or as a gin mixer. 

Organic Ginger with Lemon Cordial
Fresh Root Ginger and lemons are infused with Car House Spring Water to create this beautifully balanced drink with lots of body & just the right amount of kick. Perfect with hot or cold water, gin, brandy or whiskey mixer. 

Organic Lemon Cordial
Organic lemons are infused with our own Carr House Spring Water to create a deliciously tangy drink. 

Organic Blackcurrant Cordial
Our homegrown Blackcurrants are gently steamed and then infused with our Spring Water. Packed full of Vitamin C and is delicious hot or cold. The process from bush to bottle takes 24 hours – the best of Yorkshire in a bottle!
We also Support our local orchards
Throughout Yorkshire there are some wonderful old established farm orchards containing many old varieties long disappeared from modern orchards. Our traditional apple juice is a blended juice from local farm orchards ( all sourced from within East Yorkshire). Another distinctive tasting juice – the proof of the flavour is in the tasting!

Stone-ground Flour
All our organic flours are produced using a stone-ground mill here on the farm using our own home-grown wheat. This gentle method helps to preserve the natural goodness and wheat germ in the flour.

We believe we are the only farm in Yorkshire growing and processing spelt. This is primitive wheat with a distinctive nutty flavour. The gluten is thought to be more water soluble than modern wheat’s which some people find kinder on the digestion.

Our organic wholemeal, unbleached white and wholegrain spelt are all used in our range of artisan breads in the bakery.

Seasonal Hampers
All the products in our hampers are made on the organic family farm in the heart of East Yorkshire. Our hampers are a little bit of Yorkshire grown naturally and traditionally made to be enjoyed by all!