Sour Dough Leaven

Once established the starter leaven is very resilient and if fed and nurtured will last for years. Can be used as a base for traditional sourdough bread.

Serves 4


410g Organic White Stoneground Flour

250ml Tepid Water


This has a wonderful crust and a dense dough with almost a cidery flavour. The wild yeasts make the bread rise giving a dense chewy dough – keeps very well, some bread gurus won’t eat the bread for 24 hours working on the theory that it improves with age!

Starter – Day 1

40g – White Flour – (Strong Stoneground Flour works best)

25ml – Tepid Water

Mix well into a soft dough, cover and leave in a warm place for 2 days.

Day 3

To Starter Dough

Add 40g – White Flour

         25ml – tepid water

Mix well and cover as before.

Day 4

To Starter Dough

Add 40g – White Flour

         25 ml – tepid water

Mix well and cover as before

Day 5

To Starter Dough

Add 40g – White Flour

         25 ml – tepid water

By now your leaven should be ‘coming to life’ i.e. you should see small bubbles on the surface.

Day 6

Refresh the Starter Dough again.

Add 250g – White Flour

        150ml – tepid water

Mix well and leave to stand for about 4 hours – your production leaven is now ready.  Different flours can be substituted in this recipe eg. wholemeal, spelt or rye if you wish.

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