Our next baking day will be Sunday 24th July for our Pick Your Own Blackcurrant Farm Open Day

The Bakery will be open for pre-ordered breads, cakes & croissant.

We will be open from 10am till 3pm.

Please pre-order any breads you would like – you can order from our product list below by 2pm on the Thursday preceding the Baking Day. Please email your order to

Payment must be made when you place your order. BACS payments are preferable, but we can take cards over the phone.  

Organic Sour Dough (Large)£3.50
Organic Rustic Brown£2.50
Organic Fougasse (white tear & share bread)£3.00
Organic Farmhouse White£2.50
Organic Honey & Sunflower Loaf£2.50
Organic Einkorn Loaf (Primitive Grain)£3.00
Organic Spelt Loaf (Ancient Grain)£3.00
Organic Breadbuns: White, Brown, Seeded (6 pack includes 2 of each)50p each (or pack of 6 £2.50)
Organic Mediterranean Bread
With Olive
With Olive & Pesto
With Olive & Sundried Tomato
With Pesto & Sundried Tomato
Organic Foccacia with Mixed Herbs & Seasalt£3
Organic Savouries;
with Spinach & Mushroom
With Tomato & Olive
£3 each
Organic Croissant£1.00
Organic Almond Croissant£1.25
Organic Pain Aux Chocolat£1.25
Organic Cinnamon Buns£1.50
Organic Cranberry & Peel Buns£1.50
Organic Cheese Straws£1.25
Organic Flapjack with Cashew & Cranberry (large piece)£2.00
Organic Granola with Chocolate, Orange & Almond 400g£5.00
Organic Muesli with Sultana, Banana & Hazelnut (Raw Muesli) 1kg£8.50
Organic Muesli with Maple, Pecan & Fig (Raw Muesli) 1kg *NEW*£8.50
Organic Honey Toasted Muesli – 1kg
with Raisin
with Raisin & Hazelnut
with Raisin, Hazelnut & Cranberry
with Cranberry & Cashew
Organic Honey Toasted Granola – 1kg
with Seeds
with Dark Chocolate
with Cashew & Almond
Organic Agave Toasted Granola with  Apple & Cinnamon 1kg packs
(Gluten Free & Vegan Friendly)
Organic Fruit Cordial 50cl
Lemon / Elderflower / Ginger with Lemon
Organic Fruit Loaf – 500g
Organic Spiced Fig & Apple Fruit Loaf – 500g
Gift Wrapped Fruit Loaf
Gift Wrapped Spiced Fig & Apple Fruit Loaf
£8.00 each
Organic Breakfast Bar with Cranberry & Coconut (2 bar pack)£2.70
Organic Oatcakes (15 biscuits approx per pack)£3.00
Organic Porridge Oats -1kg£4.20
Organic Porridge – 1kg
With Sultana & Apple / With Chocolate & Cranberry
/ With Fig & Pumpkin Seeds

Organic Stoneground White Flour 1.5kg£3.70
Organic Stoneground Wholemeal Flour 1.5kg£3.50
Organic Stoneground Spelt Flour 1.5kg£4.80
Organic Stoneground Einkorn Flour 1.5kg£5.30
Organic Bread Mix 500g
Organic White Cob Loaf
Organic Honey & Sunflower Bread
Organic Focaccia with Mixed Herbs & Sea Salt
Specials & any changes are highlighted in BOLD