educational visits

at carr house farm

We love to share what we do here on our farm with others. School visits are a fantastic way for children to learn in a different environment and understand more about our farm, where food comes from, and the environment around them.

We offer fully funded farm visits to schools, ranging from pre-school up to A-Level/college students. We work with individual schools to provide a bespoke visit that works for the school, the children and with the seasonal work going on at the farm.

Jessica and Hester at Carr House Farm looking at crops

"Thank you for a great day. The children loved it, especially picking apples in the orchard!"

Animal Care

The children also love spending time with our animals. On-site we have chickens, horses and a small flock of rare-breed sheep. Spending time with the animals allows the children to learn all about how we care for our animals and what they can do.

Animal Care on the Farm


Part of the way we farm means we are really interested in the nature and making we are farming to enhance the environment. We share this on our school visits through activities about soil health and the role that worms play in this or looking at biodiversity in our wildflower strips by counting species of flower or grass or insects.

Learn about Biodiversity, Image of fresh soil

Field to table

We are able to bring to life the concept of field to table here on the farm. We take children to see the wheat growing in the fields, let the children mill their own wheat into flour and then do a baking session in our classroom. In autumn, there is opportunity to visit our apple orchards to pick apples off the trees and then the children are able to help crush and then press the apples into apple juice. These sessions are fantastic for learning where food comes from.


"Thank you for the visit today. The children really enjoyed it and loved being able to bring home their baking to share with their families."