Our Ethos

Side Oven Bakery our ethos


… something we take very seriously, whether it is milling our wheat, pressing apples or picking soft fruit and elderflowers from our soft fruit orchard.

Once, organic farming was just the way we all grew our crops, respectful of our ecosystem and in tune with the seasons. Today, heavy use of fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides has had a significant impact on our native bird, animal and insect populations, and has created an imbalance in the natural ecosystems. Organic farming is a different way of working and one which works alongside the natural environment rather than against it.

In everything that we do – both on the farm and in the bakery – we try to work in a way that is sustainable for the environment.

Whether that’s creating wildflower strips around our wheat fields to encourage habitat for wildlife, or choosing only certified organic ingredients in ALL of our products, we think these small things mean that we are offering a superior product and one that tastes fantastic.

Natural organic goodness

Here at the Side Oven Bakery, we aim to produce tasty foods using the very best natural ingredients to create traditional products that reflect the characteristics and heritage of the environment that we nurture through organic farming and environmental stewardship.

Side Oven Bakery wildflower meadow
Side Oven Bakery carr house farm orchard

Supporting a healthy lifestyle

By choosing Side Oven Bakery organic products, you are improving the nutritional balance of your daily diet, which along with frequent activity supports a healthy lifestyle.

Side Oven Bakery wholemeal flour
Side Oven Bakery organic elderflower cordial
Side Oven Bakery organic granola with cashews and almonds

Working with others

“Working with Carr House Farm, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust sees a farm where wildlife thrives alongside farming operations. Through working with the land and providing space for nature, both wildlife and farming are in balance.”
Yorkshire Wildlife Trust

Barn owl
Field mouse