at side oven bakery

Side Oven is certified Organic with Organic Farms & Growers. We have committed to 21 years of being organic – we feel it is an important part of our passion for sustainability and a wider responsibility towards our environment. Our products are made wherever possible with ingredients and produce grown here on our family farm. Much of it is grown right next door to the bakery itself – food miles are measured in metres here!

Our aim is to only use sustainable packaging across our product range. This could mean either using recyclable, compostable or reusable packaging. Our products are all handmade in small batches often using traditional methods – the care taken in this process ensures we not only create a premium product in taste but crucially one that is sustainable. Any food waste is composted on the farm and is in turn spread back on the fields as organic matter. This helps put nutrients back into the soil to enable the next crop to grow. We use this cyclical approach to ensure our processes are as sustainable as possible and go hand in hand with organic farming methods used on the farm.

Photo of flour being poured into paper bags

Sustainable Packaging

Our aim is to only use sustainable packaging across our whole range of products. This could mean either using recyclabe, compostable or reusable packaging.

We know it can be confusing knowing how to dispose of some of the packaging so we have outlined below exactly what each of our products are packed in and how best to either reuse, recycle or dispose of.